argodesign Amsterdam — End of Year Report 2021

2021 — When we came back to the studio… sort of

Looking Forward, Agility is the Key

Pulling from our 2020 End of Year Report

A Culture That Continues To Strengthen And Save Us

Looking forward to what will most certainly be a more distributed workforce and working style, it’s not space and physical location that will bind us. That’s been clearly shown from the last two years. It’s culture. It’s that shared set of often unwritten values that connect the team. It’s what people do when no one is looking. While the office, or physical spaces, have a critical role in building culture, we’ve learned there is so much more we can bring and build through digital connections.

Cultural posters displayed on one of our office walls
Team breakfast and lunch, when possible, has kept us well connected

The First to Leave

2021 saw our first resignations in our studios history. We have always been proud in an industry where a two year tenure can be considered long, that it took seven years for the first team members to leave. While it’s hard to say goodbye, we know that all work is transitory and the best we can do is provide a stimulating, enjoyable, and passionate environment while people are with us.

Amelie and a custom argo yoga mat on her last day in the studio

The New to Join

2021 saw our studio grow by roughly 20% and hire our first PM — as a studio that prided ourselves on our design teams having program management and planning skills, we have all had to admit the absolute joy and need that hiring a PM has brought to us. We also hired a myriad of new design talent who have brought fresh thinking and excitement to the studio!

Lunch gathering to welcome new team members to the studio and the … welcome slide we made for them 🤣 🤣 🤣

Our Work

In the face of uncertainty, we still managed to have another blockbuster year, working from locations all over the world and with clients who maintain a global footprint.

Mark Rolston (argo founder) on stage at Web Summit 2021 with DreamWorks discussing the future of movies

Looking Forward

I’m honestly not sure where we go from here, or what 2022 will bring us. We have created a studio built to adjust, always asking “How do we continue to improve?”, knowing we can conquer anything placed in our way. For us, we see beauty in future instability. We know we will survive. We will continue to embrace the unknown and ambiguous with passion and agility. We have our team, our culture, our community — we have what we built.

Daily life in Amsterdam — we’re all Creative Directors here!



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