Q: How Can I Get Better Visibility Within My Company?

Get attention in the inbox

It’s always good to have clear communication and transparency on what you are doing, and a short Status Report is one of the simplest ways to provide that. It’s also a great way to gain attention and visibility.

  1. Executive Summary — no more than three (3) bullet points
  2. Risks and Mitigations — Show any upcoming concerns and how you’re solving those.
  3. What you, or the team, did last week
  4. What you, or the team, will do next week

Share skills or provide value across teams and offices

Find something you’re good at and share it. This could be in person, over video conference, or simply one-to-one. In larger companies this could be a lunchtime brownbag, or at small studios, this can simply be peer information sharing. In the light of visibility for positive intent, peer education and sharing skills is never a bad thing. If you can help others become better, it’s a very favourable trait!

Speaking at Lion & Lion creative agency in Malaysia during a happy hour “brown bag” talk.



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